Posted on Aug 6, 2014 in Business Development

Website Design London At Digimax, our web development and web design services are a source of pride among our staff as well as a source of satisfaction for our clients. We count many well-known names as clients across a wide range of industries, such as James Caan, House of Fraser, BBC, McDonalds, Hounslow Council, and […]

So you want to create a Mobile App?

Posted on Mar 8, 2014 in Business Development

The world of mobile apps is filled with intriguing avenues for accessing unique information, services, and one-of-a-kind compilations of just about everything you might ever want to know, use or integrate into your personal and professional life. Good apps offer solutions to problems, broker brands, and engage users. Great apps provide unique solutions to industry- […]

The Importance of Content Marketing

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Businesses with an online presence that are still exclusively using traditional marketing strategies are increasingly aware of the ineffectiveness of such methods. The truth is traditional marketing is rapidly becoming outdated. Even when expertly handled, these anachronous methods are not increasing the bottom line as much as they used to. Today’s multi-media marketing demands created […]

Web Design Agency Marylebone

Posted on Jan 27, 2014 in Business Development

Your business is important, your branding presence is essential, your design agency choice is crucial. When you choose Digimax, your business and your branding enter a world where excellence is coveted and dynamic results are the norm. Nestled in Marylebone, just off Baker Street, in London’s vibrant city-centre, Digimax is a fully digital design agency […]

Why Small Businesses Need Local SEO

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 in Business Development

The search engines are constantly improving their algorithms in order to provide the most relevant results to their users, and one of the most important aspects of this is targeting results based on geographical location. For local businesses stepping into the highly competitive world of online marketing, making sure that your website shows up in […]

10 Marketing Resolutions You Should Make

Posted on Jun 7, 2013 in Business Development
10 Marketing Resolutions You Should Make

As we race through the fast-paced time for the world of marketing, many business owners look for ways to make their resolutions become a reality and not something forgotten by half-past June.  Poorly planned growth resolutions will not survive and will destroy your determination to fulfil business goals. Resolutions are far different than a wish […]