At Digimax, we take pride in our comprehensive graphic design services which encompasses branding, logo design, brochure design, advert design, business card design, stationery design which covers letterheads and compliment slips. We offer graphic design services for shop signage, vehicles, shop fronts – absolutely everything to do with graphic design – our highly experienced team are able to deliver above and beyond.

Graphic design refers to the creative process wherein visual expression, typography, graphic elements, colours, come  together to create a heady brew to communicate your business goals. Our ultimate goal of any graphic design project is to deliver on your business goals. Artwork must be stunning, fantastic, neat and sharp at all times – without compromising what you wish to achieve from your design project.

Our graphic design services come in three main forms with your choice depending on your unique needs and wants for your niche.

In image-based graphic design, the image carries the entirety of the message with just the name of the organization as complement.

In type-based graphic design, the words are used to convey the message but the typeface is designed to attract attention, establish an image, and send an image.

In image and type-based design, both images and typography are used to achieve the goals.  This is the most common choice among our graphic design services.

Graphic Design London

Which of these types of graphic design suit your unique needs and wants? As part of our graphic design services, our designers will work in close collaboration with you to ensure that you’re chosen image and/or typeface speaks to and resonates with your target audience. We are interested in your business and, thus, your success so we will ask relevant questions during the graphic design process, such as:

What is your company’s mission, vision and values?

What is your current branding?

What are your present and target markets?

We believe that great graphic design should target the right audience at the right time in the right way – and our graphic design services reflect our commitment.

Why choose us for your graphic design needs and wants? You can look forward to the following benefits in relation to our graphic design services:

We are flexible. We will work within your present and future branding goals from creating your brand from scratch to modernising it.

We can do more with less. We will work within your budget yet still deliver on our agreed results because we believe that excellence in graphic design should not be compromised.

We have professionals on board with comprehensive experience in graphic design services across a wide range of sectors. Our clients’ list includes House of Fraser, Switzerland Embassy, and National Accident Helpline, all of which expressed satisfaction with our graphic design services.

We don’t hold the copyright to our works. The results of our graphic design efforts are yours and yours alone in terms of property ownership.

In the course of delivering excellent web design services, we will adopt an attitude of respect for your unique branding needs and apply a process designed to ensure your satisfaction in the results.  Truly, our graphic design reputation will speak for itself!