From an initial Website design concept, to a final masterpiece of custom work, we create websites that entice, excite, capture an audience and provide robust performance for your business. Not only are our sites visually rich, our service encompasses the creation of e-commerce applications and industry-specific programming capable of producing an online presence that speaks volumes about what you do. Your site can be brochure-ware, an advanced online sales solution, or something quite unique and clever with the addition of text message integration and advanced database functionality.

App Development

Have an amazing app idea? We can take your concept and turn it into a reality. From conceptualisation to completion – App design and development for iPhone, iPad, Android and other smart phones / tablets. Digimax are experts in user interface design, usability and story boarding – speak to us to get started.

Graphic Design

We dub this ‘visual design and expression’, where graphic media elements — such as colours, symbols, direct images and typeface – are mingled into a heady brew to communicate a style or expression precisely tailored to your needs. We apply this culmination of design to the creation of branding, product development, promotional material, newsletters and brand awareness. more

Social Media Management

With Social Media now becoming an enormous part of the way we conduct business, many companies feel left behind because they dont have the know-how or resources to court their client base via the popular Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Digimax offer full time 365 day a year social media management services to ensure you company is regularly engaging with clients. Get in touch to find out more about our management packages.


Our state-of-the-art print facility ensures the highest quality print materials with exceptional colour transfer and spectacular resolution, that brings a polished, professional look to your business publications every time. Let us provide you a seamless hassle free print service.

We are a Printing.com studio, for full transparent print pricing please visit www.maryleboneprinting.com

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